Home-based e-business - an option for the self-employed?


Chapter 1 - Introduction

a. Background
b. Statement of the Problem
c. Aim of the study
d. Research Methodology
e. Structure of the dissertation


Chapter 2 - Literature Review

a. Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong
b. Entrepreneurs and Micropreneurs
c. Home-based business or Micro-business
d. Low Adoption Level of e-business in Hong Kong
e. Barriers in adopting e-business in Hong Kong

Chapter 3 - Opportunities available

a. Web publishing

i. Affiliate Programs
ii. Estimate of earnings
iii. Google Adsense

iv. Complete website provided by merchant

b. Selling Physical products

i. Auction Sites
ii. Online Shop
iii. Drop-shipping

c. Selling Soft Products

i. eBooks reselling
ii. Adult sites

d. Services

i. Travel Agency in a box
ii. Hosting reseller

Chapter 4 - Essential Components

a. Technical Aspects

i. Web Design
ii. Web hosting

iii. Shopping Cart
iv. Means of accepting payment

b. Strategic Aspects

i. Promotion
ii. Customer Management

c. Requirements of different type of e-business

Chapter 5 - Analysis and Conclusion
a. Comparsion between different types of e-business
b. Conclusions
Appendix 1
Appendix II
Complete Work

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