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Increase Your Sites Traffic
How to increase traffic to your site

Traffic simply means the number of visitors to your website. In its strictest sense, traffic refers to the volume of targeted visitors to your site. Targeted visitors are people who are likely to use the service or buy the product you are advertising. So if you have a website selling sporting goods and you have doctors visiting all the time, you are receiving patronage alright but you are not obtaining traffic in the highest sense. There are several ways to draw targeted visitors to your site.

First make sure that your pages are highly optimized. To optimize a page is to make sure that all the meta tags are in place. Search engines index pages by the tags which are found in the head area of the html document. When a visitor requests a search, the search engines roams the web looking for sites that have meta tags with that description. So it does you some good to properly describe your website with the appropriate words in your meta tags.

Notwithstanding the fact that search engines will index your website, it is advisable to manually submit your site at the search engine sites. You may go to Google , Yahoo, Alta vista or msn to manually submit your url for inclusion in the site’s engine and directories. A directory is a list of websites pertaining to a particular subject. Many people locate websites by visiting directories.

Newsletters can generate a lot of interest in a website. Serve your site visitors with the latest news and articles of interest. People like to receive relevant information to guide them in their decisions.

Link building can help you to generate a lot of traffic. Exchange links with other websites so you can draw visitors to your site.. You can also exchange banners with other sites as well. Visitors who go to your partner sites can follow up to yours.

People like interaction. Create an online community via a bulletin board or chat. If people create friends on the board, they will always return to continue the relationships.

If you are knowledgeable in any subject area, write articles in those areas and display them on your site or another site with your website address. Visitors who read your materials will follow up to your site.

Offer free things on your site. Look for things that are normally paid for and send them to your visitors for free. One good catch in this area are ebooks and how- to books.

Traditional advertising also helps a lot in site exposure. Look for trusted companies and subscribe to their advertising campaigns.
Google adwords is an advertising scheme by Google whereby it will place your ads on search web pages. You only pay when visitors click on them. It is a cost effective way to advertise and to assure yourself that you are actually paying for direct visitors.

Offline advertisement should not be overlooked. Print your website address on your business cards, letter heads, memos and souvenirs. This media is more permanent and can be referred to over and over again by the recipient.

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