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How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Host

Ecommerce hosting differs in a wide way from ordinary hosting. With ecommerce hosting, you are considering selling online. As such your needs differs from the traditional content- based pages.

Consider a host that will give you a suitable shopping cart. Look for a cart that is easy to edit, has a lot of processing gateways and highly configurable. It is best to opt for a shopping cart which allows flexible decision making by visitors. A good Shopping cart should allow you to set up taxes, configure different shipping rates depending on the destination, display various sizes of a product image and give you extensive description of an item.

Think of how your visitors will pay for your goods. Choose a cart that features a common payment system. Settle for major credit cards, paypal, check, sec pay etc. Also be sure that you can adapt the cart to take payment on delivery orders.

Speedy confirmation of payments and easy settlement of accounts will help your business a lot. Buyers should be notified quickly about the status of the orders which also depends on how quick account verification is carried out. After payment, ensure that you can collect your accumulated funds without a hassle. Different shopping carts have different ways of dealing with merchants, so it is prudent to explore to find out which serves your mercantile interests most conveniently.

Your site visitors will be divulging their credit card numbers and maybe bank account details. Is the site secure? Is the site security verified by a third party such as Verisign? Visitors might desist from doing business with you should they find security lapses with your site which might result in identity theft. Identity theft is the criminal practice of using someone’s credentials to gain access to a facility.

A site that offers multiple or unlimited email accounts will enhance your eCommerce activities. Buyers at a site will have several types of complaints. It will serve your interest best if you could categorize these complaints and redirect queries to a particular email account. For example if you sell clothes, you can set up email accounts for refunds, order tracking, over charging , etc .

Of growing popularity in website management are live support facilities. These feature allows visitors to deal live, via chat, with a representative. It serves to address problems quickly and where decisions have to be taken quickly concerning product, the representative can facility purchases.

Search for a host with tons of scripts. As your website grows, you might find it useful to automate most of the everyday activities such as responding to emails, sending out invoices etc. A script is a small program that can aid you to do these activities smoothly. Aside that, scripts can reduce the processing time of transactions on the site.

An ecommerce website needs a strong database. You need a database for customers name, emails, orders, inventory and so on. You should consider a host which allows a large amount of relational database space.

Raw Log Access provides a statistical analysis of visitors to your site. Use this information to determine site visitor dynamics. If a host can give you access to this data, then you can easily monitor your advertising campaigns, analyze your visitors and keep track of who goes in and out of your website.

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